Fight like an Egg Roll!

Help Egg Roll receive life-saving surgeries!

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Help Egg Roll receive life-saving surgeries!

Fight like an Egg Roll!

Egg Roll is scarred and broken from a lifetime of mistreatment. We don't know her full history, but the parts we do know point to a terribly sad past for this sweet girl.

Egg Roll has a years-old break in her leg that has long since healed, but healed improperly. Her limp is significant and her muscles are atrophied. Who knows how long it's been since Egg Roll has been able to walk without a limp, or how long since she's enjoyed an off-leash run using all four legs.

Her front legs are covered in scars, apparently from bites and scratches. Some look years old, and some were fresh enough that they were still healing when we first took her in.

Her tongue is ripped significantly, with chunks taken out of it, probably from having to defend herself against another dog... or dogs.

She's had countless litters, and her body bears the evidence of the toll those litters took. Her nipples are distended and her mammary glands are sagging, likely a result of overbreeding.

In short, you can tell by looking at Egg Roll's body that she's had a rough life, filled with mistreatment and neglect, used to produce litters and never taken care of.

As if her external traumas weren't enough... Egg Roll also has cancerous tumors that need to be removed.

Her mammary glands are riddled with tumors (probably contributing to some of her mammary sagging), and she also has a mast cell tumor on her good leg. This diagnosis was a blow for us, but we do at least have some good news about the cancer: Her prognosis for surgery is good, according to our vets and the results of Egg Roll's blood tests. She's a great candidate for surgery to remove all of these cancerous growths.

And then once she comes through surgery for the cancers, it will be time to proceed forward with a plan for her leg reconstruction with an orthopedic specialist... possibly requiring her leg to be re-broken and re-set, properly this time.

In short, Egg Roll has a fight ahead of her... but it's a fight we know she can win!

She has good, healthy, happy years ahead of her, years that we are proud to help her achieve. This optimistic girl doesn't seem to have any idea that she's sick and in need of surgery, or that she might need her leg reconstructed, or that she's been treated poorly by humans her whole life, used for her breeding capabilities and then discarded like trash. She carries the scars and traumas of those things with her physically, but not in her temperament, personality, or soul.

What Egg Roll really does know is how to give and receive love. Because although her body bears the marks of years of suffering, her spirit exudes nothing but resilience, optimism, and hope.

Her treatments and surgeries will carry a hefty price tag, and we (like everyone else) are already stretched thin thanks to the strange new world that COVID-19 has brought along with it.

The cost of her vet work, blood panels, and surgeries to remove her tumors will be in the range of $2,000 (to include her spay surgery while she's under, so that she'll never have to worry about being bred again). The cost of her leg reconstruction with an orthopedic specialist could be in the range of up to $3,000... perhaps even more.
So we need to raise $5,000 for Egg Roll to be whole again.

In times like these, it's hard to ask for financial support.
Please, if you can give, know that your gift is truly a life-saving one. Your gift will have immediate impact on Egg Roll's quality of life and prognosis for the future. Any money raised above and beyond the cost of Egg Roll's surgeries and treatments will go to help other animals in need in our shelter.

Egg Roll deserves good years now that she's finally away from the hell she came from. In spite of her trauma and her heartache, she's shown us nothing but love and patience,
Please help us share our love for her by taking care of her in the way she deserves now.

She's in for the fight of her life, and she's bringing unbridled hope and resilience in with her!

Give if you can, and be a part of Egg Roll's story of hope.